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14 with parental consent. Parent must also be present. We’ve successfully flown people 14-80 years old. Jetbike participants are required to be 18 years of age or older.

Unfortunately we do not however you are more than welcome to bring a person go pro with you. H2-Whoa Lake Pleasant is not liable for any lost or damaged equipment.

Yes, 100 lbs min/300 lbs max.

Yes, most people are airborne within 5 minutes but results will vary from person to person. Individual results will be based on your ability to follow your instructors directions and your sense of balance. We do not guarantee you’ll fly.

That will depend on your ability and safety limitations. The devices are able to fly well over 30 feet in the air but most will fly between 5-10 feet.

Most people are able to do this but that will depend on ability, amount of flight time and safety limitations. We recommend not going deeper then 5 feet to avoid ear trauma.

Yes, both a proper fitting life jacket and helmet will be provided for anyone we fly.

The standard jetboard boot will handle most foot sizes from 7-12.

No, each scheduled flight time is for 1 participant only.

Yes, we offer a variety of discounts. Check out our specials page for monthly deals.

Yes, in fact it is very safe. Our certified instructors control the amount of thrust and will always make sure you are flying within your ability level.

Yes, just click on the reservations tab above, select your date, time and fill in the information and you’re ready to go!

Driver’s license, complete our instructions course, sign our contracts. Instruction is typically around 10 minutes.

You check in at our rental building and fly in front of Dillion’s restaurant.